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This is an introduction for any new people that join/help the project.
So, what's Sugar of Elsweyr? Well, it's a concept for a morrowind mod aiming to bring the player to Khenarthi's Roost, south of Elsweyr. We aim to create the island of Khenarthi's roost, and make it vibrant and maintain Elsweyr's characteristics. We also want to bring Elsweyr's lore alive, and to the player through quests , dialogue and environment.
The project just started, and we're still just creating concept and planning. Actual development has been short thus far, but some assets have already been created. Welcome to the project, I hope you are of great help, and have fun!

In terms of writing, what has already been published about the Lore of this area? Officially or unofficially.

I am terribly sorry if I have completely forgotten who you are. Who are you?  ::)

About lore. Well, just what you'd expect from Elsweyr. There's sugar cane plantations, temple ruins, stuff like that. The capital, Mistral is described as a trading centre, so we have to consider that. Nothing big has been written about the place, it's basically free for us to add our own touch to the world. You can start writing away any concepts you have in your head, it will surely be of great help.

Don't feel about for not knowing who I am -- how could you? :) I signed up yesterday after I saw your post, seemed interesting. Just a fan, I did enjoy Morrowind mods many many.. (many) years ago and still poke around to see what's new.

Not a lot written? That's great. Yea, I wouldn't mind writing something. What's the best way to proceed to make sure everyone is on the same page?

The best way to let everyone know what you've written is to put a link to your stuff, in the comments on the writing thread.


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