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Here we will design characters and write quests, dialogue etc.

Khi'Daro-Bartender in Mistral.(no details yet, Suthay-raht)
Do'Hokoh-Warrior in Mistral, possible companion?(no details yet, Cathay-raht)

I have no links to provide, I have no history in the community, I also don't even have the game or any mods (I did many years ago). With that said, here's my idea for a quest that myself and others can expand upon.

Preliminary information: This quest will be slightly different for a Khajit than any other race. See my note at the end.

Like in Morrowind, some Khajit are extremely xenophobic. There exists a small cult, (think of it as a self-contained assassin's guild) who worship a to-be-determined Khajit God (my Lore is not spot on, as you can see :)). They have a radical interpretation of this God's will and seek to keep the lands of Elsweyr pure and free of non-Khajit (we can make a word for this) taint. The cult is entirely secret but they have regular meetings. Where? No one can seem to figure that out; well, no outlanders, until it's too late.

The quest will begin while the PC is adventuring more deep inside Elsweyr (the cult does not target only superficial visitors, but rather those who seem to want to stay a while).

After a failed assassination attempt on the PC, the PC gains a quest where they can investigate this mysterious cult. As you can imagine, this proves difficult, because the locals fear retribution and would not risk their life for an outlander. After some poking around and strategic glad-handing, the PC receives a cryptic note. It reads, "I highly recommend reading The Dance of the Two Moons. My favorite passage is on page 4." Weird right? Well, if the player finds that book (which I will write), and goes to page four, there will be a poetic passage referring to a certain location. If the player ventures there and explores a bit, they'll find nothing obvious. That's just it. The meeting place of the cult will be in the trees, far up, and will require climbing (which the Khajit will obviously prefer.) But it's not that simple. The meetings only take place at certain times (also referred to in the book). When the two moons dance (this is well known Elsweyrian lore) is when the cult meets in the trees. 

Note: For Khajit's the quest will be gotten by interacting with a non-Khajit NPC who survives an assassination attempt and asks for the PC's help in understanding it.

This is all I got so far. What do you think?

Very interesting.

 I have read SO MUCH khajiit lore, and The Two-moons dance is a martial art, and the masters of the Two-Moons Dance are trained in temples of Two Moons Dance. I have no recollection of an indication that the Two-Moons Dance would in any way refer to cult meetings.

Still, it's a nice quest idea, and I'm sure it'll work if some details are worked on.

I wouldn't recommend writing a lot of details if you don't know the lore. At the very least your writings must go through me, since I know pretty much everything about the Khajiit and Elsweyr.

Awesome :) Just to be clear, the reference to the Two Moons isn't a direct reference, so there's no problem there, it's just a metaphor which the player will have to figure out. I did a bit of research and the positioning of the moons has extremely relevant meaning. The player will have to discover this fact and figure out not only where to go to investigate the death cult, but also when to go there.

Can't wait to add to this with your feedback!

Ah ok, I just hope it wouldn't confuse the player, since there is actually a temple of Two-Moon Dance on the island.


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