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General / Re: Assets
« on: November 16, 2015, 03:21:07 pm »
Good points TuMadreEsMiCorazon.

And ImpassiveAtom, sorry, I've been really busy irl lately, but I will upload pictures and maybe the files for all of you to see/use, soon enough.
They're basically just re-skinned altmer.

General / Re: Assets
« on: November 11, 2015, 01:28:57 pm »
I have sent you an e-mail with a link to download all of the PO resources. A lot of stuff.

General / Re: Assets
« on: November 11, 2015, 06:14:11 am »
We are using other modders' resources. Mainly resources from the mod project titled "Project Outreach", and we have permission to use them, as it seems like the project is now dead. We are also going to be using resource packs created by a modder named Lougian, and he is already a part of our team, so no problems there.

I have added Khajiit breeds to the list, and I'm working on some of them right now. We already have Alfiq done.

General / Re: Writing
« on: November 10, 2015, 03:28:33 am »
Ah ok, I just hope it wouldn't confuse the player, since there is actually a temple of Two-Moon Dance on the island.

General / Re: Introduction
« on: November 09, 2015, 10:28:45 am »
Hello guys, I'm looking forward to working on this mod with y'all.

Oh hey! Haven't seen you in a while. Welcome to the forum!

General / Re: Writing
« on: November 09, 2015, 10:23:03 am »
Very interesting.

 I have read SO MUCH khajiit lore, and The Two-moons dance is a martial art, and the masters of the Two-Moons Dance are trained in temples of Two Moons Dance. I have no recollection of an indication that the Two-Moons Dance would in any way refer to cult meetings.

Still, it's a nice quest idea, and I'm sure it'll work if some details are worked on.

I wouldn't recommend writing a lot of details if you don't know the lore. At the very least your writings must go through me, since I know pretty much everything about the Khajiit and Elsweyr.

General / Re: Introduction
« on: November 08, 2015, 04:43:40 am »
The best way to let everyone know what you've written is to put a link to your stuff, in the comments on the writing thread.

General / Re: Introduction
« on: November 07, 2015, 03:40:40 pm »
I am terribly sorry if I have completely forgotten who you are. Who are you?  ::)

About lore. Well, just what you'd expect from Elsweyr. There's sugar cane plantations, temple ruins, stuff like that. The capital, Mistral is described as a trading centre, so we have to consider that. Nothing big has been written about the place, it's basically free for us to add our own touch to the world. You can start writing away any concepts you have in your head, it will surely be of great help.

General / PO resources!
« on: November 05, 2015, 02:00:55 pm »
I have contacted one of the biggest figures dealing with PO, and he is going to give us access to the resources, since PO seems dead. I will update this thread, and the assets thread once I have the download link.


General / Writing
« on: November 01, 2015, 09:25:55 am »
Here we will design characters and write quests, dialogue etc.

Khi'Daro-Bartender in Mistral.(no details yet, Suthay-raht)
Do'Hokoh-Warrior in Mistral, possible companion?(no details yet, Cathay-raht)

General / Introduction
« on: October 31, 2015, 07:34:50 am »
This is an introduction for any new people that join/help the project.
So, what's Sugar of Elsweyr? Well, it's a concept for a morrowind mod aiming to bring the player to Khenarthi's Roost, south of Elsweyr. We aim to create the island of Khenarthi's roost, and make it vibrant and maintain Elsweyr's characteristics. We also want to bring Elsweyr's lore alive, and to the player through quests , dialogue and environment.
The project just started, and we're still just creating concept and planning. Actual development has been short thus far, but some assets have already been created. Welcome to the project, I hope you are of great help, and have fun!

General / Concept art
« on: October 29, 2015, 11:54:14 am »
All of the concept art will be showcased here. Put links in the comments and I shall add them to the list.
-(concept art)
-(concept art)
-(concept art)

General / Re: Map
« on: October 29, 2015, 05:16:17 am »
Well I think we can use the ESO map. When we get around to creating places, we're gonna upload a color map or something, different colors representing different developers. Of course multiple people can work on the same area, and keep adding to them once others are done.

Also we have to do a progress thread , so we know what other people have done, and end up with a beautiful, balanced world.

General / Re: Assets
« on: October 28, 2015, 01:41:00 pm »
Added maormer to the list, on the top. They're done.

In addition to senche-tigers and other fauna common in elsweyr, Khenarthi's roost is also host to sandcrabs, harpies, giant snakes, alit, and possibly black boars (which are common in elsweyr, and I have already made a model for them, but I'm working on the animations.)

The senche, and senche-tigers can be created by altering the bloodmoon wolf/bear models and textures I believe. Their animations would fit.

General / Assets
« on: October 25, 2015, 06:29:16 am »
Here will be listed all of the physical assets we will need, and the comment section is for discussion and planning.
(x) possibly claimed
 X claimed
Khajiit models (can use morrowind models) X
Feel free to add required assets by replying. I will then add them to the list and remove the reply.
 I have done the northern island, where mistral is located.
Still need to terrraform a lot to make it look more natural, and better overall.
Suthay-raht X
Alfiq X
Mane(likely not needed)
-Maormer X
Lizard men(?)
Werelion (playable if Khajiit)
Palm trees (PO resources) X
Bushes (lots of models in morrowind) (X)
Sugarcanes (PO resources)X
Senche-lion(?)(dunno if appear in khenarthi's roost)
Sand Crabs (manipulated mudcrab models)
Boars(?) (manipulated BM Boar models)
Harpies (manipulated winged twilight models)
Skeevers (manipulated or normal rat models) (X)
Sea Lamia (manipulated Dreugh models/completely new models)
Sharks (completely new models/models from discontinued project)
Siligonder(?) (could they be found here in caves? I had already created a model for them earlier) (X)
Rocks ( we could use grazeland rocks) (X)
Sugar cane plantations (could use models from morrowind) (X)
Houses (PO: ) X
Temples (PO) X
Morrowind's containers X
New containers(?)
-misc. items
Kiseru(sugar pipe in this context? Can be held by the player.) (Model from a resource pack on nexus, just need to verify that we're allowed to use it.) (X)

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